USA – Lakota board member criticized for use of antisemitic phrase

Darbi Boddy. Image: Boddy for Lakota on Facebook

Liberty township, OH – Monday night’s Lakota School Board meeting was filled with drama.

At the center of it all, was a motion made by board member Darbi Boddy asking that the district change hiring practices following the Supreme Court’s decision that struck down affirmative action programs in college admissions.

“The Supreme Court just said All Lives Matter. They didn’t say that Black lives don’t matter, but if your mantra is Black Lives Matter, you’re going need to explain yourself going forward,” Boddy said. “It is now the time to return to sanity. Discrimination by race cannot be tolerated any longer.”

Board president Lynda O’Connor pointed out that the recent Supreme Court decision is specifically based on college admissions and not K-12 schools.

Board member Kelly Casper also weighed in.

“Never in the history of Lakota have we hired somebody because of their race or religion or anything. We hire the best-qualified candidate and it’s ridiculous that you keep saying that we do that,” Casper said.

The meeting got really heated when board members addressed a term Boddy has used — “Blood Libel.”

It was written in her motion that read in part, “No more collective judgment, no more ancestral judgments, no more blood benefits, no more blood libels… that Americans are judged as individuals not in or by aggregate. Rest assured, if Lakota does not immediately end its association with Critical Race Theory, DEI, and SEL we will be sued, and we will lose.”

The Jewish Community Relations Council expressed concern saying it represents a violent chapter of hate against Jews.

“Hate speech is awful. Doubling down when you’re called out is awful,” Casper said.

Boddy tried explaining herself.

“Blood libel, in this case, is dealing with America. Obviously not Israel,” she said.

That comment drew screams from the crowd of about 45 people who were in attendance.

The board ended up voting 3-1 not to support Boddy’s motion.

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