Germany – Dachau nuns receive an antisemitic hate letter

Dachau – An anonymous antisemitic hate letter landed in the mailbox of the Carmelite convent at the Dachau concentration camp memorial site. “The content of this letter is, to put it mildly, impossible,” said a religious of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (online edition Monday)

The monastery reported it. The report quotes the Fürstenfeldbruck detective chief Manfred Frei. 

Accordingly, the content of the letter satisfies the facts of Holocaust denial. The central antisemitism commissioner of the Bavarian judiciary, chief public prosecutor Andreas Franck, took over the proceedings.

According to the SZ, the police are now aware of 203 identical letters that have been sent to addresses throughout Bavaria via Letter Center 82 in Starnberg since September 2020. Employees of the Evangelical Church of Reconciliation at the concentration camp memorial as well as other institutions and local politicians also received the letter. Despite an intensive search, there has not yet been a hot lead to the author. Investigators suspected that it was a single elderly person.

The letter to Carmel Holy Blood was addressed to Prioress Sister Irmengard Schuster. One of eight alias names already in use was given as the sender, all of which had a connection to the Nazi era . The letter was received at the monastery a week and a half ago after there had been no such letters since February.

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