France – Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation of Nanterre was vandalized

Nanterre, Paris – The violence resumed Thursday in the Paris suburbs and in the regions for the third consecutive evening after the death Tuesday in Nanterre of Nahel, a 17-year-old young man killed by a police officer who was indicted for intentional homicide and imprisoned.

Significant damage, scenes of chaos and looting have been observed throughout France. Hundreds of arrests took place overnight.

On the sidelines of a “white march” organized Thursday afternoon in memory of the young man in Nanterre, the monument of the Resistance and the Deportation of the city was degraded by anti-police tags.

“We are going to make a Shoah”, was also tagged nearby, according to a video from the “Observatory of Decolonialism” Twitter account.

“It is an absolute outrage and a disgrace. Nothing is respected,” Ariel Goldmann, president of the United Jewish Social Fund, posted on Twitter. The European Jewish Congress has also expressed its dismay at these degradations.

Not specifically targeted, stores and restaurants run by Jews were also set on fire in Sarcelles, Radio Shalom reported. Many non-Jewish businesses were also damaged.

Finally, a “Death to the Jews” was heard distinctly during a live broadcast of the Brut media on social networks. The journalist presenter of the live, Rémy Buisine, did not react.

The police officer responsible for the fatal shooting against Nahel expressed his regret following his gesture while in police custody. “The first words he said were to say sorry and the last words he said were to say sorry to the family,” said his lawyer, Me Laurent-Franck Liénard, on BFMTV.

His deadly point-blank shot on the teenager during a roadside check followed by a refusal to comply set fire to many working-class neighborhoods in the country.

Gérald Darmanin announced that 667 people had been arrested overnight from Thursday to Friday in France after another night of violence, marked by looting, looting and damage to public property.

“Last night, our police, gendarmes and firefighters bravely faced once again rare violence. In accordance with my instructions of firmness, they carried out 667 arrests, ”tweeted the Minister of the Interior.

French President Emmanuel Macron called a new crisis meeting on Friday after a third consecutive night of urban violence sparked by the death of a teenager killed by a police officer, who has since been charged with intentional homicide and taken into custody.

The Head of State should shorten his presence in Brussels, where he has been since the day before for a European summit, in order to return to Paris and lead an interministerial cell at 1:00 p.m. (11:00 GMT).

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