USA – Antisemitic and white nationalist callers again criticize Walnut Creek City Council

Walnut Creek, CA – Two members of the Walnut Creek City Council said Tuesday night the council should consider eliminating online callers from the public comments portion of council meetings, after two men made white supremist, antisemitic comments criticizing councilmember Kevin Wilk, who is Jewish.

Two weeks earlier, a man who identified himself as “Scottie, resident of Walnut Creek,” said “I’m calling today to address some irrational statements made by certain council members who know who they are, regarding the pro white banners that they cried about on the news probably about six months back.”

“Scottie” called again Tuesday, specifically criticizing the council for cutting off his antisemitic statements two weeks ago. He didn’t show his face or use a last name on either call. He directly addressed Wilk, who asked for “Scottie” to be cut off at the June 6 meeting. “Scottie” was one of four callers making antisemitic remarks that night.‘They are doing it wrong’: Ron DeSantis visits SF, slams city in campaign ad

“What you did was completely against our Constitution and was stands for. I just want to remind you guys you guys took an oath,” he said. “You swore to defend and uphold the Constitution, directly as it is. Just because I wanna point out Jews are responsible for all the negative (expletive) in this world, that doesn’t mean you can shut me down I just wanna ask Wilk: How do you like those banners?”

Antisemitic banners and leaflets have circulated through the community since last year. Literature was left in neighborhoods near the border of Concord sometime during Sept. 27-30, during the Jewish High Holidays between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Another man called Tuesday calling himself “Darryl,” also not showing his face or using a last name, though he did identify himself as being from the group “WLM,” which assumedly meant White Lives Matter.

He didn’t direct comments at Wilk but used his two minutes to recite white supremist talking points.

At least five speakers voiced support for Wilk, and a man who identified himself as a local lawyer said, though he didn’t agree with the antisemitic callers, he thought cutting “Scottie” off two weeks ago went against the Constitution.

All five council members expressed dismay with the calls. Wilk and councilmember Matt Francois suggested the council look at limiting online public comment and requiring commenters to appear in person to speak with the council.

“Come out of the shadows and stop being a coward and make your comments in public, not anonymously, if you’re gonna spew that bile,” Francois said.

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