USA – Antisemitic flyers found in Cobb County neighborhood

Antisemitic flyers found in Rome, GA. Illustration. Photo by KMGH1-1

Cobb County, GA – Mikel Vann and her neighbors woke up to an unwelcome surprise Monday morning.

In the latest episode of a national trend, residents of the Overlook at Marietta Country Club neighborhood found antisemitic flyers scattered on their driveways.

“Diversity means fewer white people,” reads the flyer, which includes a link to a website filled with more than a dozen different antisemitic flyer designs.

“There’s all kinds of horrible things on their website,” Vann said. “It’s just horrifying. It’s a bad way to start your day in a nice, quiet, peaceful neighborhood.”

The different flyer designs disparage Jewish people, blaming them for “a variety of perceived social grievances, including immigration, pornography and abortion,” in the words of the Anti-Defamation League.

Cobb police did not immediately respond to an inquiry concerning the flyers.

The neighborhood, Vann said, was disgusted by the flyers. They haven’t had an incident like this before. She doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that an anti-diversity flyer was distributed on Juneteenth.

“This just can’t be tolerated, this is horrible,” Vann said. “… This is one thing, when are they going to take it to the next level?”

Rabbi Albert Slomovitz of Congregation Etz Chaim is the founder of the Jewish-Christian Discovery Center, which aims to teach Jews and Christians about their numerous faith-based connections. Slomovitz said he was saddened, but not intimidated by the incident.

“These incidents provide an opportunity for all of us to come together and once again talk about the things that bind us together,” he said.

The flyers are a reminder, he added, that there is still much work to do to push back against prejudice and hatred.

“We’re going to press on and do what we can, just to make society more understanding, one of the other,” Slomovitz said.

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