USA – Antisemitic + LGTB flyers found in Sacramento, CA neighborhoods

Antisemitic + LGTB flyers found in Sacramento, CA neighborhoods. Sam Stanton/The Sacramento Bee/TNS

Sacramento, CA – Hateful flyers found in several neighborhoods in and around the city of Sacramento have prompted an investigation by law enforcement.

Sacramento police confirmed on Monday the flyers were found in the River Park neighborhood.

Police said they believe the flyers were dumped in other neighborhoods, including in parts of Sacramento County. 

It’s terrible, said Kathy Keys, an Elmhurst neighborhood resident. 

“Especially, in California. I mean, it’s supposed to be so inclusive and diverse. I just can’t even believe it,” she said.

Another Elmhurst resident posted online that someone littered their neighborhood with Nazi propaganda Sunday night. On it, someone railed against diversity, equity and inclusion while believing the concepts alienate White people. 

Some flyers appear to be wrapped in plastic bags and are filled with racist, anti-LGBTQ+, and antisemitic rhetoric.

In a statement, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg denounced the flyers. 

“It’s probably no coincidence that those who hate would spew their vile, racist lies on Juneteenth, a holiday uplifting the ideal that all people are equal and free,” Steinberg said. “Sacramento will never cower in the face of antisemitism, racism, or prejudice. The overwhelming majority of people who love their neighbors must always speak up and speak out, and always more powerfully than the few sad souls who think that hating others makes them somehow matter.”

Aside from River Park, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the hateful flyers were found Sunday night in a neighborhood near Clinton Road in North Sacramento County. Monday morning, deputies said the flyers were also found on Laurel Drive. 

Detectives are now actively investigating the incidents.

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