France – Antisemitic flyers distributed on mailboxes in La Neuville-Chant-d’Oisel

La Neuville-Chant-d’Oisel – Residents of La Neuville-Chant-d’Oisel, in Seine-Maritime , had the unpleasant surprise of discovering a neo-Nazi leaflet in their mailboxes this Sunday.

Swastikas, antisemitism, racism, homophobia, white supremacism: a summary of incitement to hatred and violence in just a few sentences, which caused amazement in the town.

Immediately notified, the municipality reacted quickly. “On behalf of the municipality, I officially wanted to file a complaint for incitement to hatred and incitement to violence because faced with this act, which is unspeakable, we wanted to react very quickly to be able to try to find this individual who, obviously, obeys a national network. It would be an individual, likely, outside the municipality, and who would have perpetrated this act of nauseating propaganda”, explains the mayor (LR) Julien Demazure, at the microphone of BFM Normandie.

In addition to the messages, the leaflet includes a link and a QR code which refers to an Internet page which intends to encourage similar actions in other municipalities.

An investigation has been opened. “The gendarmerie forces are at work to identify this person. We already have some leads. We have clues that allow us to identify a profile and we hope that we will be able to put a name on this person soon. “, explains the Normand councilor.

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