USA – Giuliani accused of antisemitic remarks about Jews’ Genitalia and sexual assault

Rudy Giuliani and Noelle Dunphy (Theodore Parisienne and Getty /for New York Daily News)

New York, NY – A former associate of Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, filed a lawsuit against him Monday in which she accused him of sexual assault, harassment and making racist and antisemitic remarks.

Noelle Dunphy, who began working for Giuliani in 2019 as director of business development for the Giuliani Companies, as well as his executive assistant for travel, communications and public relations, detailed the accusations and his “alcohol-drenched rants” in a 70-page complaint filed in the New York Supreme Court.

Dunphy claimed Giuliani made comments about “‘freakin Arabs’ and Jews,” and that in one instance, talking about Jewish men, “implied that their penises were inferior due to ‘natural selection.’”

She also alleged that Giuliani, who served as an attorney for former President Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial and after the 2020 presidential election, mocked Jewish people for observing the holiday of Passover, which marks the exodus from Egypt.

“Jews want to go through their freaking Passover all the time, man oh man,” Giuliani is quoted as saying in one of the recordings mentioned in the lawsuit. “Get over the Passover. It was like 3,000 years ago. The Red Sea parted, big deal. It’s not the first time that happened.”

The lawsuit claims that, “To tide Ms. Dunphy over and keep her obedient to him, Giuliani sometimes paid Ms. Dunphy in increments of no more than $5,000 in cash, at random times.” Dunphy’s employment was terminated in January 2021 after she demanded her long-delayed salary, which she said was promised to be $1 million a year, according to the lawsuit.

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