Canada – Montreal police arrested suspect who attacked Jewish men

Montreal, QC – Two Chasidic men were assaulted in Montreal in January, and now Montreal police have obtained footaged of the incidents and are reaching out to the public for assistance in locating the individual responsible for the attacks.

The hate-crimes unit of the Montreal police is investigating the assaults and has obtained a video which captured the incident. The footage shows an individual walking along a sidewalk who then notices a chasidic man about to cross the street. Without warning, the individual sprints towards the Jewish man and shoves him to the ground, causing him to fall into a lane where a vehicle had just passed.

Another incident occurred about 30 minutes later at the corner of Bernard and Outremont Aves when another Jewish man was assaulted. The victim was kicked violently in the lower back, causing him to fall to the ground.

After the attack, the suspect fled north on Wiseman Ave. and joined a group who were waiting for him to finish up his dastardly deeds.

The 18-year-old suspect accused of assaulting two Hasidic Jews in Montreal, Quebec on the same day in January turned himself in on Thursday, according to Montreal police.

The minor was arrested by the City of Montreal Police Service (SPVM) Hate Crimes and Incidents division after they released a photo and video of the assaults the day before, asking the public for help in identifying the teenage suspect, who is reportedly around 18-years-old.

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