USA – No whites, Jews allowed at Seattle school Multicultural Week event

Lincoln High School

Seattle, WA – A Seattle public school forbade white and Jewish students from attending a taxpayer-funded event for Multicultural Week. Nothing screams celebrating diversity like school-sponsored racism.

Lincoln High School is celebrating Multicultural Week through March 17. According to Principal Corey Eichner, the week is meant to “promote cultural visibility” with a number of events put on by the Black Student Union (BSU), Latino Student Union (LSU), and Asian Student Union (ASU). The Friday event is a free potluck lunch, but there will be no promoting cultural visibility on display for white and Jewish students. They’re not invited.

“On Friday of Multicultural Week, students and staff of color and/or those who identify with any group represented by BSU/LSU/ASU are invited for a lunch potluck,” Eichner wrote in a school newsletter.

Ironically, the emailed version of the newsletter links to the Seattle Public School’s (SPS) non-discrimination policy. The district promises not to “discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of” race, color, ancestry, and national origin. This potluck lunch is clearly discriminatory. Due to race-based admittance, the woke, white principal couldn’t attend. So much for his white privilege!

A district spokesperson did not explain how this event aligns with its anti-discrimination policy. Members of the public are encouraged to report this to the Office of Civil Rights if they believe it’s discriminatory by emailing

If this week is about promoting “cultural visibility,” why would SPS and Lincoln High School endorse an exclusionary event?

This racist event purposefully rejects white students, implying they’re somehow unsafe to be around while celebrating multiculturalism. It also rejects European cultures. Italians, French, Germans, and others aren’t “of color.” Neither are Jews, as we’re considered (and almost always identify as) white.

They’re not promoting cultural visibility, they’re keeping it private under the auspices of creating a so-called “safe space” for people of color, pretending they can’t be themselves when whites are around. Of course, the acceptance of different cultures on campus is evident from the existence of a Multicultural Week.

An easy way to identify whether or not a program is racist is to substitute the “students of color” with white students. If there was a potluck lunch for white students (or those who identify with whiteness), wouldn’t this be seen as racist? We should all hope so. Imagine the response if even the idea of having a whites-only event was uttered. It would trigger campus-wide anti-racist training and insufferable conversations about white supremacy culture.

SPS and its overwhelmingly white, progressive educators think they’re doing racial minorities a favor by treating them as an other, but they’re creating division. They are instilling in students a belief that they can only be comfortable around people who look like them.

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