USA – California white supremacist who called for mass murder of Jews arrested

Ryan Scott Bradford

Reseda, Los Angeles, CA – Federal authorities have arrested an alleged white supremacist after a raid on his California home. Ryan Scott Bradford, 34, was already being investigated for calling for the mass murder of Jewish people and for possessing and manufacturing ghost guns.

Once police got inside the home they found ammunition and materials used to make weapons. Police also found an improvised explosive device (IED) and had to close the streets in the surrounding area. Bradford had been under federal investigation since 2021. Investigators said he posted multiple different threats against Jews online, threatening murder and other horrific acts of violence. He even posted pictures showing himself using a 3D printer to make guns.

Police said they found those printers in his home with swastikas painted on them, along with other Nazi propaganda.

Federal investigators said Bradford was part of a white supremacist group that originated in the state’s prison system.

At the time of his arrest, police said they didn’t have any evidence that he planned to carry out an attack. Still, experts said an arrest like this could potentially save lives.

“You have there in the prison system. You have the Aryan Brotherhood and then you have spinoffs of these types of gangs within the community. You could be in Orange County. It could be in San Fernando. It could be in Los Angeles County. It could be anywhere in California or anywhere in the country. You have these these pockets and when you deal with this you find it, you mitigate the violence that you see within the communities you save lives,” said Timothy Williams, retired Senior Detective for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Bradford is already a convicted felon for a burglary in 2012, which means he isn’t allowed to have any firearms.

Police also said they found meth inside his home.

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