USA – Antisemitic flyers found in Nashville neighborhoods

Inglewood, Nashville, TN – The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department is investigating reports of antisemitic flyers dropped in Nashville neighborhoods.

Police said specialized investigations division detectives are investigating three reports of the flyers over the weekend in Inglewood. WSMV4 also found the flyers in the Belle Meade and Richland Hills areas.

Five different versions of the flyers were folded and placed in plastic baggies at the ends of driveways or beside mailboxes, along with corn to weigh them down.

The flyers make antisemitic claims about Disney, gun control, mass immigration, the media and the slave trade.

WSMV4 talked to two former Nashville Jewish Federation presidents, Barbara Dab and Steven Hirsch.

“It’s sort of mischief, if you will,” said Dab, current editor of The Jewish Observer. “People just kind of trying to stir up mischief where they can and upset people. As we’ve heard, we’re hoping that it doesn’t escalate beyond that.”

“I would like to see these people outed, so to speak, in the community and identified for the behavior that they’re exhibiting,” Hirsch, who is now the chair of the Federation’s security committee, said. “I think that an awareness by all of our neighbors – Jewish and non-Jewish – that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. So far, we’ve gotten tremendous support from all of our neighbors.”

Nashville councilwoman Emily Benedict tweeted about the flyers, saying they would not be tolerated.

Detectives are working to identify a suspect or suspects but do not have any descriptions at this time. Hirsch asks anyone with doorbell or surveillance camera footage to check the last three or four days and send in anything related they might find.

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