USA – Antisemitic flyers Found in Oklahoma City neighborhood

Antisemitic flyers found in Oklahoma City, OK. Illustration. Photo by KMGH1

Oklahoma City, OK – Antisemitic hate flyers are circulating in Oklahoma City neighborhoods, a local Jewish organization said.

It occurred on the northwest side of OKC. Some members of the Jewish community have walked out on their front porches and seen the fliers.

The Jewish Federation said it’s been happening for several weeks in Oklahoma City.

“This has been happening in other cities around the country,” said Rachael Johnson, Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City.

The organization said it has become a national problem but it hits close to home when it happens locally.

“It’s very upsetting that it’s ending up in the front yards of our community in Oklahoma City,” Johnson said.

KOCO 5 was told this started back in January. The organization said they’ve reported it to the right agencies but it doesn’t guarantee it’ll stop.

“We immediately reported it to local authorities and the Anti-Defamation League of Texoma,” Johnson said.

The federation couldn’t give KOCO 5 exact location information other than the northwest part of Oklahoma City. KOCO 5 reached out to police for more location details too but were told to call back on Monday when their office is fully staffed.

“We don’t like to talk about exactly what the fliers are saying. We don’t want to call attention to that. We just want people to be aware that it’s happening, and we know it’s happening,” Johnson said.

KOCO 5 was told the flyers are similar to others found in other states, created by fringe antisemitic and white supremacist groups that the Anti-defamation League and other law enforcement have been tracking.

“The best way we can combat that is through educating everyone on what antisemitism is and speaking out against hate. And standing with each other,” Johnson said.

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