Germany – Unknown change the lettering of a youth center to Jews center

Pfarrkirchen – Unknown persons have changed the lettering of the youth center (Jugendzentrum) in Pfarrkirchen to Jews center (Juden zentrum).

The lettering of the youth center was changed by unknown persons in such a way that “Juden zentrum” can be red. One letter was stolen, the others rearranged.

Mayor Wolfgang Beissmann hopes that the perpetrator or perpetrators will be caught and punished consistently. “Pfarrkirchen is open to everyone,” said Beißmann to the BR.

The lettering has now been covered by the city, and the city building office will replace the missing letter as soon as possible.

The Jewish community in Lower Bavaria is deeply affected by the case. Something like that hurts, said the chairwoman Anna Zisler from Straubing the BR. Anti-Semitism must continue to be combated . Zisler hopes that the case was a “stupid youth prank”. She would like to talk to the perpetrators to find out their motives.

Meanwhile, young people from parish churches are reacting on Wednesday with a creative campaign. According to Petra Fuchs, head of the youth center, they design posters for the JUZ windows on the ground floor. According to Petra Fuchs, these should read: “YES, we are a ‘Jewish center'”, because we are also a: Christian center, Muslim center, Buddhist center, vegan center, hip-hop center, cultural center”. According to Fuchs, there should also be further lists: “So want they show that the JUZ is there for everyone and that they don’t want to let the action with the sign stand like that”.

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