France – A shuttle driver at a vacation club was arrested after threatening to attack Israeli tourists

Orcières – A driver of a holiday club shuttle bus is under investigation for glorifying terrorism; the person suspected of Islamist radicalisation threatened to attack Israeli guests

He allegedly made antisemitic remarks and threatened to attack Israeli citizens. The driver of a shuttle bus taking skiers from the Club du Soleil holiday village in Orcières-Merlette to the resort was arrested last weekend on suspicion of Islamist radicalisation.

The 48-year-old from Metz was taken into police custody on Friday. It was work colleagues who had alerted the authorities to suspicious statements. “I would love to crash the shuttle with the Israeli customers into the gorge. They don’t deserve to live,” he is reported to have said, among other things, after returning from a trip.”

The newly hired man had also shown religious videos at his workplace,” reports Florent Crouhy, the Gap prosecutor. “He merely expressed an opinion and not a threat, which is not the same thing,” he added.

The man was arrested, charged and remanded in custody by the prosecution on Sunday. He is charged with “glorification of terrorism” and “non-public incitement to hatred on the grounds of belonging to an ethnic group”. His computers and mobile phone were confiscated. They are currently being analysed.

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