USA – Antisemitic flyers found in South St. Louis City

Dutchtown, St. Louis, MO – Messages spewing hate in South St. Louis are being passed out and now are making the rounds on social media.

Dutchtown neighbors reached out to News 4 hoping to bring attention to this and put a stop to it.

Leyla Rose Bland lives in Dutchtown and was walking her dogs a few days ago when she found multiple plastic bags on the street filled with hateful flyers.

“St. Louis is really founded on immigrants,” Bland says. “This neighborhood is definitely a hub for immigrants. We have all kinds of people living here so it’s really upsetting to see that there’s some hate being spread.”

Bland says the bags were filled with beans, used to function as paper weights.

However, what was more alarming were the pages of anti-Semitic language and drawings.

“That is a little scarier to me because it means someone is physically out here in the neighborhood going to peoples homes and trying to target them and spread this ridiculous information,” Bland says.

The pages claim every aspect of the media is Jewish, every aspect of gun control is Jewish, every aspect of abortion is Jewish, every aspect of Disney child grooming is Jewish and every aspect of mass immigration is Jewish.

Another page in that pamphlet reads that Judaism is Communism.

Rori Picker Neiss is the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council. Picker Neiss says this propaganda is popping up in cities across the country.

“Part of what’s so insidious about antisemitism is that it says no Jews are not weak, Jews are powerful,” Picker Neiss says. “Jews are in positions of influence and then tries to blame Jews for all the ills of society.”

Picker Neiss says the goal of these flyers is to incite fear.

“This is somebody or a group of people who are going into a neighborhood that people feel safe and trying to get them to feel unsafe,” Picker Neiss says. “It wants people to say wait a minute am I not safe in this neighborhood? The more we keep saying no we’re not gonna let them win, then we can stop this in it’s tracks.”

Other South City residents outside of Dutchtown tell News 4 they have also received these flyers.

News 4 reached out to SLMPD to find out if this is considered a crime. After describing some of the literature to SLMPD, we’re told they do not believe it’s criminal in nature.

SLMPD has not received any official police reports on this yet.

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