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We are a small but mighty team!

At Muddy's, everyone does a bit of everything... bakers greet customers, retail folk scoop cookie dough, the owner picks up trash, and our HR coordinator even helps wash dishes. If this kind of teamwork sounds like your jam, you're probably in the right place!

We aren't perfect and don't expect you to be. We are proud to make great food with people we respect for a community we love. We believe that each of us makes a difference and that even a little business can have a big impact.

There's no higher compliment than a job application-- thank you for your interest in our team,
Kat Gordon, owner

Peek Behind the Scenes


While we don't currently have any positions open, we're always interested in folks who are eager to be part of our team. Check out our basic job profile HERE.

To apply, complete OUR APPLICATION FORM.
We keep applications approx 6 months and will contact qualified candidates if a position opens up.

Common Questions

What perks & benefits do you offer?

--Begin accruing PTO
--Bereavement leave
--Memphis Plan healthcare
--ServSafe certification reimbursement
--Direct Deposit
--Paid participation in all required classes/training

After 90 Day "Seasoning":
--Eligible for bonus program
--Work shoe allowance/reimbursement
--Staff discount
--Birthday cake
--Continuing education opportunities
--My City Rides scooter program
--KitchenAid small appliance discount :)

After 1 year:
--Retirement match program

Do I need prior bakery experience?

It depends on the position and our current bandwidth for training.
Often we can teach a new hire from scratch, as long as you are eager to learn and apply yourself, but sometimes an opening will require experience and advanced skills. Just check out the most current "now hiring" notes!

Can I apply to multiple positions?

Yes! Keep in mind that while certain openings may lean more heavily toward baking or customer service, ALL staff help with both.

Is there an age minimum?

We require all staff to be at least 17 years old. If you are a student inquiring about an internship, please contact our Staff Support coordinator at staffsupport(at)

When will I hear back about my application?

We typically reply within one week. If we think there will be a longer delay, we'll be clear about this in the job description.

What is the hiring process?

In general, the process goes like this:
1. Review all applications
2. Phone interview & go over basic Q&A about the job
3. In person interview to get to know each other
4. Sample shift! A "test drive" helps you determine if this is where ya want to be.
5. Offer
Obviously we do our best to narrow the pool at each stage. We respect your time and will not advance you to the next stage if we don't feel confident that this could be a good fit.

I've applied before; can I apply again?

Yes! Sometimes it just doesn't work out the first time-- scheduling, specific skill match, etc. We LOVE when folks re-apply when another spot opens up!

I have a friend without internet access; how can they apply?

There are lots of places your friend can use a computer- public libraries, schools, etc. But you can also print our application and they can fill it out by hand and mail/drop off at the bakery.

How long do employees typically stay at Muddy's?

A third of our team has worked here 5+ years; 75% of us have worked here 3+ years.
We LOVE working with folks long term and continue to prioritize making Muddy's a rewarding long term career.

What does growth look like?

We are a relatively flat organization with few managers, but we are all leaders.
Growth usually centers on mastery of skill (increasing speed and/or expertise, teaching others, etc) or increasing responsibility (ie: purchasing supplies, keeping accurate inventory, etc.)
Wage growth happens along with this, as well as our staff bonus program.

What is the work flow/rhythm?

Our week consists of 1-2 days of prep before the party officially starts! We welcome guests into the bakery and bake bake bake!
We gather for all staff meeting the 2nd Tuesday of each month to dig into the finances, address new business, and often learn something together.
As for the year, Jan usually starts slow and is often a time of reformatting and organizing, Feb/Mar things pick up and Valentine's day is crazy! Apr/May are peak season as folks celebrate Easter, Mother's Day, graduations, etc. June/July/Aug usually are slower and we do a lot of getting our ducks in a row for holidays. Oct is steady and then it's wahoo holiday season for Nov/Dec...

What We're All About

Muddy’s Mission

Muddy’s exists to love and serve our community!
To be a place where kindness is contagious, hospitality is legendary,
and every bite you
eat is outrageously delicious!
A place where every person matters and we use our powers for good.

* * *

Muddy's Guiding Values
work with purpose

Ready to Join Our Team?


We hope to see you soon!
-Kat, Andrea, Alyssa, Amy, Becky, Caolinn, Dena, Hansa, Julie, Kirby, Leah, Melodie, Merry, Monica, Nina, and Tabitha